Welcome to ASCOTECH.NET. We give you Guidelines on How to Make Money Online without Financial Investment. Many who follows the instructions diligently Make up to $570 (N200,000) a month without Spending a Dime. All you have to do is to buy Our E-books. You can Start Making $100 (N36,000) in 48Hours. Yes, is Possible!!!, JUST FOLLOW OUR INSTRUCTIONS.

How you can make $570 (N200,000)  From the Internet Every Month Working from home

We are ascotech.net, we partner with  (knowledgeispower).

We want to show you what you should do to make more than $570 (N200,000) in a month with or without website. I will also tell you more about making money online and show you how you can get into online business without any capital.

This is our business and this is what you can silently do for a living together with our partners. We also teach people how to do online business and many people know us. You will work ONLY for three hours every day from Monday to Friday and you may not need to do anything else because I don’t need to, since you work from home and get such good returns from running your own websites.

This is not forex or online investment or network marketing. Basically what we do is build websites that generate money. We also sell e-books online and run an internet based training course where we teach people how to do online business (we will talk more about the course later on in this article).

Is this Online Business of a Thing Real? Do People Actually Make Legal Money Online?

Yes online business is very real and very many people make lots of very legal money every day from the Internet right here using social media like you. We used to also think that it wasn’t possible but the day I made my first withdrawal, I realized that it was truly real.

See what a friend made in May.

                        That is $1,357 , approximately ( N 220,000):

I know this is something that anybody can learn because some of my students have become financially independent by applying the knowledge gained from the training materials.

A Big Secret
What I’m about to reveal to you in this article is a highly guarded and is not common, others and using it to exploit people.

The Internet is truly a wonderful place and only those that are smart enough to seize today the opportunities that abound at this early stage will be at the top and raking in the millions by the time other people find out. Knowledge they say is power.

Not difficult to learn and do
Online business is easy to do. You do not need any special skills, qualifications or connections. Anybody with determination to succeed can do the same things that we are doing right now and start making as much as others.

What you should always have at the back of your mind is that before you can make money online, you must first learn how to do it by going through a recognized training program or online course. After learning, you must then prepare to work hard and keep working as you wait for the fruits to manifest. The beginning part is usually the toughest but as soon as you start getting your returns, the workload and time demanded by the business will reduce greatly over time.
You can decide today to change the course of your life by learning and starting your own online businesses and we are here to show you exactly what we did.

You Can Start Without Spending Any Money.
The best thing is that you can also start this online business and start making money without spending any money. It’s true! You can register for a website, design it, build it and register with all the required companies and pay absolutely nothing. The only cost you will incur is the cost of training and browsing for a few hours every week which is not much.

What does this mean?
It means that you can start making money today without spending any money as initial capital investment unlike in most other businesses. This means that there is no risk at all on your part. You can even start the journey today, right now.

Think of all the things you can do with a “salary” of $570 (N200,000) every month with time freedom and working only for three hours. You will have no more financial worries and you will be able to buy whatever you like and live comfortably. In fact you will be making more money than most of these so called bankers. Think about it. No more endless application letters, running and suffering begging employers. No more anxiety and worries when you start your own website business today.

Who Can do the Business?
From what I have seen so far, I can assure you that this wonderful business is especially good If you are a student, fresh graduate, youth corpers, OND or HND, job seekers, housewives or even pregnant and nursing mothers in fact is good for all.
It is the best for people who want to invest their time to build a highly profitable business that brings a steady stream of income every month part time with just few hours of work per week. I’ve also noticed that it is also very good and will be profitable for people who are already working or already retired but want to make an extra income on the side.

Why are we talking about it?
If you don’t have the right knowledge, you may be sleeping on gold but still very poor. Ever since we started running our Website, we have been shocked at the thousands and thousands of people out there who are either suffering from effect of wrong information, joblessness or grossly underpaid workers. Young hardworking graduates and youths wasting away and suffering in countries where there are no jobs

My life discovery
One day I attended an online business seminar where we were taught how to make money from starting a website. At that seminar I met real people who were actually making thousands every month from their own websites. This was their occupation. They did nothing else.
They showed us how to do it and it was that seminar that encouraged me to start.

In the first six months, I made very little from all my hard work on the site and almost gave up many times but I was motivated by the people I saw at the seminar. I imagined that one day I will be like them and that thought kept me going. The Good Lord was also very faithful to me and gave me the strength to persevere.
Very soon I was getting three times as much as I was being paid at my job.

And below is what I made in one day (yesterday) which is $95 approximately

One of the best things about this stuff is the freedom it gives you to do other things and to live a free life. Another wonderful thing is that you do not even need to own your own computer or internet connection to start off. You can conveniently do it from a cybercafe 3 or 4 times a week like I used to do until you can buy your own computer or laptop.

The biggest Secret
Not many people know about the true secret of online business yet. In fact, the few that know this secret are making hundreds of thousands of naira every month and never bother themselves applying for the jobs that are so scarce. Instead of applying for jobs, they are making money from people like you who are busy searching for jobs every day or surfing the net.

This is the secret of popular Nigerian job websites like Careers Nigeria, Naija Hot Jobs, Ngcareers, Jobberman, Nairaland etc. Some of these people even make up to or more than $3,000 and above every month, just from three hours work every day.

How long does it take to start making reasonable money?
Success in this business depends to a large extent on how dedicated and serious you are with it. There are two main types of internet business: the ones that can generate you cash within 48hours (e.g. information marketing) and the ones that take some time to build before you can start making good money like in 2 months).
The catch is that most of the internet businesses that can get you instant cash require you to invest a little amount in online advertising to speed things up. While the types that don’t require any investment usually take some months to grow (1 to 2 months) before you can expect returns.

How you can Make Money
Although there are very many different ways of making money online, experience has shown us that there are only few kinds that can be done 100% legally with little or no startup capital and little risk. Of these few ones, the best and most profitable are three in number.
These are the ones that we are currently doing if you ever want to be able to make consistently week after week with little work then these are the ones you should also get into. They are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
    2. Google AdSense
    3. Information Marketing

How I Receive the Money
Not all online businesses are ideal for everybody. Some countries are not allowed to do business with other countries. This is one of the reasons why we stick with just the three businesses listed above because it is easy to receive the money. Payment is been made directly to your Bank Account.

About our E-Books Package (5-Ebooks-in-1)
While learning, we read more than 300 books and watched many videos, many of which were just crap. At the end of the day, we were able to compile about 5 of the best e-books that cover everything about online business from A to Z.

Our desire to show job seekers how to do this business inspired me to put together a package called “ASCOTECH.NET” comprising these 5 e-books. It is an advanced level package equivalent to doing a master’s degree through the course.
The goal of this package is to make it easy for as many to learn how to do online business so that they can be freed from the shackles of financial challenges. For me, the way I learned was by reading e-books, I have read hundreds of e-books.

Getting Help – our Secret Coaching Forum
One of the unique features of our Internet Training is the availability of online forums where students can get assistance, help and support both from our partners and us and from other more experienced students and graduates. This is what separates our e-books from the rest.
When you buy the package, you get free access to a secret underground online mentoring forum where you can ask any questions you have while reading the book. In this forum, you will be able to get help and answers directly from me and from other more experienced students of ours, many of whom are undergoing or have undergone this course.
Unlike most “gurus” who sell their e-books or courses to you and leave you to your own fate, we are actively involved in coaching, helping, assisting and mentoring our students to ensure that they properly understand what they are learning. No wonder we have been so successful with so many inspiring testimonies every month, right now will be the best time to buy while there are waiting.

What you Will Learn From our E-Book Package:

How to do the three Online Businesses that I’m doing (Step by Step guide)
How you can start making $570 monthly from Online Business.
Learn everything in few hours. Start making money within 48HOURS after completing the course!
No matter who you are, as long as you can browse by yourself you can do it.


  1. Ordinary Package; $8 (N2,500): In this package you are thought how to do it and you do everything by yourself.
  2. Partnership plan; $15 (N5,000): In this package we will assist in creating a blog set up for you

How To Make Payments

Step 1: 


Step 2: Hurry to the bank and make a payment or

Do an Online Transfer to Claim Your Plan
Pay into any branch of our bank accounts below:
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Step 2: After payments, do just one simple thing:

Send an SMS payment notice to (+2348039092649 or e-mail info@ascotech.net)
with the SUBJECT of your Message saying: Paid for
ASCOTECH.NET  Business Setup and Partnership

The BODY of the Message should contain the following:
– Amount paid (The Packaged you paid for):
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–Date Paid:
You will get a confirmation message within 7 Hours.


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